Are Electric Pickups Coming to Hyundai Dealerships Soon?

Are Electric Pickups Coming to Hyundai Dealerships Soon?

The big question from truck and EV fans is, will there be an electric pickup truck coming to your Hyundai dealership sometime soon? It looks promising.

Pickup trucks and electric vehicles are two of the hottest topics in the automotive world these days. Hyundai recently came out with the Santa Cruz, which is a cross between an SUV and a pickup truck, but it has a gas powertrain.

Hyundai’s New EV Platform

In a recent investor conference, Hyundai confirmed that their new EV platform, which is a modular platform, can be adapted to accommodate a pickup truck. They call the new platform Integrated Modular Architecture, and it won’t be long before it replaces the E-GMP platform that they currently use to manufacture their EVs. The plan for the new platform is to use it for 13 new models between Hyundai, Kia, and Genesis. All three brands want to cut the production costs of their electric vehicles so they can offer them at lower prices, and this new platform is one of the first steps. It standardizes some of the components, making it easier and cheaper to produce.

What Does the Trademark Mean?

The trademark filing encompasses almost all the different vehicle classes. It ranges from small and large SUVs, pickup trucks, and the models available from the Genesis brand. So what does mean? It means the new platform will be able to accommodate any type of electric vehicle that Hyundai decides to come up with. Their sister company, Kia, has plans to develop two electric trucks. These will be part of their plan to launch two electric vehicles every year for several years, or at least until they have 15 of them in their lineup. At least one of these new vehicles will be an electric pickup truck, and the other will depend on what the markets are looking for.

So, What About a Pickup Truck?

Hyundai recently filed for a trademark for an IONIQ T10. The name suggests that they might be looking to compete with the Ford F-150 Lightning, although it is not known exactly what this new nameplate will be for. The filing occurred in Australia, so it’s not even clear if this truck will be made for the U.S. market, but the thought of a T10 pickup truck that could eventually make it to a Hyundai dealership nearby is an intriguing thought.

The Electrified Truck in the Works

Hyundai Australia is the only market that has officially announced an electrified pickup truck. It will arrive at Australian Hyundai dealerships in 2024, with a fully electric truck to come in 2025. This is an interesting development, because right now, the only automaker to have a fully electric pickup truck is Ford. The American pickup truck market is a competitive one, whether it’s gas or electric powered, so we’ll have to see how Hyundai’s technology and design plays out over the next few years.

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